Adventure: Costa Rica

3 pm (ish)

I am sitting in a pastel yellowey colored room with three computers in it at the Tranquilo Backpackers Hostel here in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. This is the only air conditioned room at the Hostel. My face is warm, a little prickly and slightly irritating; the beard area coated in diaper rash ointment. My stomach feels a bit funny and my mind is a little scattered. Not wanting to go out into the sun in the hot afternoon I decided to stay back and give my body a rest from the heat and exertion.

My face has progressively been breaking out in blisters. It feels like poison oak: rashey, achey, irritating, itchy, burning, painful. I thought it was from the sun, because the sun is crazy out here. I forgot to put sun screen lip balm on the first day, but now it has spread around my mouth so it seems weird. I am not sure if this is from the sun. Maybe it is an allergic reaction to some plant or to the “leche de mango” that interacts with the sun if it gets on your skin and jacks you up.

Anyways, these unpleasant set of circumstances have combined for me to re-route my adventures. My friends went to the beach, but I shall surf my cyber web just the same, here at the home base.

The hostel is the nicest one we have stayed in by far. They have some property; the design is spaceous, open, and clean. Everything is well maintained and it has a cool feel to it with the hammocks set up. The kitchen is vey clean.

I may go to the clinic tonight and have a doctor look at me and maybe stick some needles in me. That should be fun. I am ready to move on, like the feeling of having to re use a kleenex way beyond capacity.

Once I kick this junk I will go out dancing, maybe some salsa or meringue.

We’ll head to the Carribean in a few days to meet up with our other friends.

Travelling with friends is always much better.

More to follow…

“we may not have it all together, but together we may have it all.” – Jet


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Rocka malaka ding dong!!

Day #4: Thursday

Maka  ma langa coco, riki tiki!! Today was the last day of the conference. We did prophetic booths in the dining room while Eric preached. We would take a person and a group of us with a translator would prophesy over them for 10 minutes. It was so cool to encourage the people. I love it, tears, life, destiny, Jesus touching people.

Then we went and got a dessert at a cafe. That was good to get out. Then I went on a 12 minute run. My friends shoes sucked, so we cut it short, but it was good.

Dinner was rice and beans again, but that’s just how we roll.

I took a nap and was late to the service, but nap’s are from the Lord

Tonight ended in another glorious flipped out dance joy freedom fest. People were dancing, crying, laughing, laid out on the floor, running around. So much freedom. It was so cool to see Jesus touching people’s hearts. Rock a malaka ding dong.

Now we are all sitting around with one of the guys on guitar singing worship in English and it is so sweet. We just sang “Would you lie with me…” as a worship song. Shing ding.

Tomorrow we head off to Tipitapa to the orphanage. Shaka.


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I Take the time to keep my edge sharp and Jesus rocks the rest

Day #3:

Shing a ding dong! Today we had four sessions. The morning session people got healed and that was beautiful. Knees were healed. One older man’s knee had been hurting for years. Shoulders, arthritis in the wrist and thumb/ hand area, I think a back got healed. Aslan is on the move.

I am becoming more aware of myself on international mission trips; how I am feeling, what is going on inside me. Yesterday I was totally mellowed out, my personality dropped several notches and today too in the morning I felt kind of zoned out again. Though it was good to get like 9 1/2 hours of sleep.

So, I skipped two of the afternoon sessions. I took a nap. Then I grabbed a buddy and we went for a run. I had to choose between hiding with the fan in my room, laying on the bed and running in the sun, heat and smoggy yuck.

It felt really good to run, it was killer, but I burned off all that static, “blah” energy. Oh man, I needed that. Then I went off on my own, walked around the conference complex, listened to a podcast by Ben Dunn, and just spent time with Jesus. I so need my time alone with the man. I just can not go and go and go without stopping and having time alone with him.

If I am not at my peak, then I can not give my best. I am here to give of who I am, to strengthen and encourage and equip the leaders of Nicaragua. But I have got to keep my edge sharpened. If I am not fully rested, energized, and plugged into Jesus then I do not operate at my highest and I give less than the best.

Again this element of structure comes into play. I am learning to operate in the structure that I need to thrive in. From vacation, to school to a ministry trip in another country. And it is good. I am still learning, trial and error. I learning that I don’t have to “do” everything. I think the number one burn out for most people in the ministry or in life is that they get too busy and can not say no and do not take care of themselves first. So I am learning and today I made some good choices, to take a siesta and re-energize, run and be with Jesus. Then go to the super market and buy my own stash of nuts and fruit.

The evening service Ben George, our leader, rocked it with a message of basically about the finished work of Christ. We can’t get any closer to Jesus, he lives in us, we live in him. We are one. We don’t have to do anything. All we get to do is just enjoy what he has done and our union with him. Then it broke out afterwards and people were experiencing his joy and laughter, dancing, and it was good. I am sure people experienced his joy in ways they never have before. That is what it’s all about. If we can get them connected to Jesus and the pipeline from the mother ship. Job done!

Okay, kisses. Love love.

Pray that I would be aware of the flow of the Holy Spirit and do what he is doing.

Pray that I would be full of energy, strength and be operating at my peak capacity on this trip

Pray that I would be overhwelming conscious of the perfect union I share with Jesus and the deep pleasures, bliss, joy, peace and love that come from that.

I want to take big risks, step out and see God’s power rock ’em!

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Monkey Islands and the Conference begins

DAY #2:

Today we took boats around a group of islands on Lake Managua. Oh it was perfect. Overcast, warm, a slight breeze, boating up to Monkeys on a little island and looking at funky homes on their own islands.

We hit up the market and I bought some jewelry.

The conference started off well tonight. We got the kids to pray for people around the room and that was cool to see.

I have not slept much these last 3 or 4 nights so today I felt quite mellow and not at my peak. It is almost 11 pm so I am going to try and get to bed and get like 9-10 hours of sleep.

Please pray that I and the whole time get fully rested and tomorrow are energized and at our physical peak so we can give our best.

One of our Team mates dove out of the boat today into the dirty lake to grab the tomato we had tossed in the water and hand fed it to the monkey. I was expecting piranha or alligators to get him. No such occurence

I got to connect and really encourage a young man in the conference tonight and that was cool. Afterwards he felt more peace and happiness, golden!

Pray for strength, energy and rest. kisses

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My Nicaragua Adventure Commences

3 a.m.

I roll out of the car at the prayer chapel, with my 80’s orange sweatshirt and aviator spectacles geared up. I give a whoop and join the gang.

Day #1

Drive from Redding to San Fran, fly out at 10:55 am to Houston. Leave Houston at 6 pm and arrive in Managua, Nicaragua around 9:15 pm. Now it is 12:21 am and the day is done.

I had to make a choice over hunger vs. feeling gross when the airlines presented me a prepackaged cheeseburger in a plastic bag, slightly warm… I took feeling gross afterwards.


We will be here in Managua till thursday doing a leadership conference, then Mitzi and I will co lead a smaller team as the big team breaks up into 6 small groups and we go to different cities. We are going on thursday or friday to Tipitapa to work with an orphanage. Then we will come back sunday altogether and fly out on monday the 27th.

I would love you guys to pray for me and our team:

• to cross a thresh hold of love and power on this trip

• to be overwhelmingly aware of his love, joy and peace that is inside me

• to make a lasting impact on Nicaragua and really raise up those here to walk in power and intimacy.

• anything else that you feel


I am on this trip with some of my very good friends, which is special to be able to go on an amazing ministry trip and do it with people you love dearly. There is something that comes out of deep loving relationships that you just can’t manufacture any other way.

I am so excited just to see some crazy miracles, see God come out of me in flipped out glorious ways like never have before.

I will have internet so I will try to blog about what’s going on. I love love love you guys. Shing ding!


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Day Light savings

It is day light savings so I am losing an hour, and I am tired, so I should go to bed right now, but I am not. This is the second weekend in a row that we had a swing dancing party. I am learning, and I am excited to get to a place where I can dance with control, rhythm and direction. Dancing is such a perfect parallel to real life. You have to just have balls and go for it. You can’t second guess yourself and melt back.

Today was a beautiful day. Our group went for a walk along the Sacramento River Trail to the Sundial Bridge in the beautiful sunny day. Oh, I love the sun. We stopped half way along the path and had a yoga session led by my friend. I have got to do more yoga. I love friends. God has been doing some cool stuff in me and stirring up some fresh goodies. I will have to write more about that. Life.

You gotta grab life by the balls and just go for it.

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la vida, one week count down

I got up earlier today, which is what I wanted. I made some oatmeal and have it in front of me right now. I will go to the prayer chapel in a bit, spend some time with Jesus then do my homework. I have fallen behind on some of my homework and there is no reason for it. I am trying to learn to manage me. How do I make priorities and create boundaries and master my life, and control my self? This is a key life skill I must master now before I can have a larger sphere of influence.

My mission trip is coming up next week, the 18th, and it will be really good. I will probably get to do some preaching and I expect to do things and go to levels I never have before. We don’t really know what we will exactly do because it depends on what the pastors want when we get there and the conference. Things could change depending on what God is doing with this conference that they are having. I was going to go to Kenya, but my plans have changed and I am going to Honduras now. I will get to use my spanish and it is going to be such a powerful experience.

Life is interesting. I haven’t written on my blog lately. I should do more writing. The school is so good. Many times God speaks to me through my desires. I have been more curious about the spirit realm. The invisible spirit world is more eternal and long lasting than the physical and it is the true reality. Jesus saw what His father was doing. He had eyes in the spirit to see the movement of His father and so He could join him. I have go to be able to see and hear and experience in the spirit because it is where God, who is spirit, is moving,  and I am not just flesh but spirit. So I have been on that more specific journey these last several weeks.

We had an awesome time of prophesying over my friend’s friends last night. I came after dinner and had rooibos tea, then we all gathered around them and let them have it for almost a good two hours. They were so encouraged and loved on and strengthened. The prophetic is such a beautiful thing, to see how God was speaking and healing and awakening last night was good.

This last week has been quality. I went on a hike by Wiskeytown Lake, we hiked up to some waterfalls. Beautiful

I will sign off for now. Leave comments and email me !!

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